With an objective of offering high quality education in the technical and professional areas Late P. K. Das established the Nehru College of Education and Charitable Trust in the year 1968 at Coimbatore. Being a great person of strong vision, foresight, indomitable spirit, dedication and perseverance he pioneered the concept of technical and professional education in private sector. He was committed to the cause of the poor and the downtrodden and was instrumental in imparting technical and professional education to the underprivileged. His social commitment and magnanimity made it possible for him to initiate various humanitarian activities and welfare schemes like ‘home for the homeless’ material support for the physically challenged and financial help for weaker sections of the society. He offered free education, scholarships and awards to the backward class and medical treatment to the poor and needy. His lofty ideas on education, charity and his meticulous work culture are still keenly observed and practiced in all Nehru Group institutions.

May his blessings be upon us to help us strive towards greater glory and success.

Nehru College chairman P Krishnadas
Adv. Dr. P. Krishnadas Chairman & Managing Trustee
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - Martin Luther King

My beloved father and the former chairman Late Shri. P. K. Das established many esteemed educational institutions both in Tamil Nadu and Kerala .They are all highly branded institutions in the country offering various courses ranging from under graduate to doctoral programs in medicine, aeronautics, engineering, architecture, pharmacy, law, information technology, arts and science, commerce, social work, bio-science, media studies, fashion designing and hotel management. With his blessing Nehru Group of institutions started the Nehru Academy of Law in 2015 with an objective of imparting high quality education in law and promote research aimed at national development. Our focus is on molding committed legal experts who will fight for justice and truth leading our nation to from darkness to light.

I wish all the best and success to Nehru Academy of Law in all its pursuits and endeavors.

Dr. P Krishnakumar CEO & Secretary NGI
“No man is above the Law and No man is below it” - Theodore Roosevelt

Intelligent planning and stringent execution of the academic strategies remain the key to success of any educational institution or individual. I am extremely excited to learn that Nehru Academy of Law has always devised concrete academic strategies that have undoubtedly enhanced the academic efficiency and competence of the students and the faculty. I also understand that the college regularly holds international seminars, lectures, workshops, moot court competitions, cultural events, NCC and NSS camps for ensuring the academic excellence and overall grooming of students for attaining personal and professional success in legal practice. NGI entered into a partnership with various industries and organizations to extend the sphere of employability at a global level and make each student professionally efficient and highly competitive in the fields of legal profession.

Campus placements and job opportunities have touched new heights as Nehru Corporate Placements and Industrial Relations-NCPIR began imparting training to the students to develop and device professional and technical skills and thereby enhancing their employability to the extreme. I hope that the forthcoming academic year will take us through the challenges and high-tides to the shore of immense opportunities enabling the students to bring more laurels to the institution.

I wish all the best and good luck to Nehru Academy of Law.