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Mr. Subash G Plathottam PRINCIPAL

Inculcating proper scholarship and values upon the young minds is the quintessence of real education and legal education ultimately aims for the creation of a society where there is complete justice. In the development of human society from barbarian existence to civilization, laws and legality have played a cardinal role. From time immemorial there have always been legitimate practices in accordance with certain customs. Later on, laws became codified and then the codified laws turned out to be a powerful instrument in shaping the human conduct. In modern times, every aspect of human existence is touched by law in one way or the other. The ever-widening scope of law now reaches every nook and corner of human society. The modern law not only deals with human lives, but it also encompasses the lives of flora and fauna as well. It even transcends the boundaries of the globe and extends beyond into outer space too. The ambit and spectrum of law and legal profession knows no bounds. Day after day it opens a wide range of opportunities before lawyers. The increasing socio-economic activities and the resultant developments enhance the scope of the legal profession in India and abroad. A natural outcome of the complex increase in socio-economic activities is undoubtedly a corresponding expansion in both the need for and deeds of the legal profession. The legal professionals can play a vital role in achieving the developmental goals of the society as well.

The role of lawyers as protectors of the rights of human beings needs no elaboration. In spite of the availability of plethora of legislations and judicial pronouncements, there still exist human rights violations across the globe beyond our imagination. Justice is still a mirage to millions of people. Here again we see the need for the expansion of the ambit and sweep of law to reach on to those untraveled areas. A collaboration of law with modern technology will do wonders in the current scenario. In such a transformational process that brings this about, young lawyers with sound technological background will be able to take up a leading role.

Besides, Lawyers are the only professionals who can officially argue for and defend the rights of others. The most important of the fundamental rights of an individual is his right to free life and personal liberty. When these rights are in question, it is the lawyers who come to the rescue. Since lawyers are the protectors of these noblest among the noble rights, one can say that the nobility of legal profession is unparalleled to any other profession.

It is indeed a matter of pride and glory to be a part of such great professional fraternity. This journey into the legal profession begins with a single initial step of joining a law college. Here, in this part of the country, we have this academy of law, committed to facilitate this step by offering and providing the highest quality of legal education to legal career aspirants everywhere. We cater to the needs of our society by adhering to high academic standards, professionalism, discipline, sense of justice and humanism. The excellent infrastructure provided by the management reveals their extreme commitment to achieving a global standard. Apart from imparting legal education as provided in the syllabi, we give emphasis to the development of various skills of our students that will help and enable them to excel in their career and attain complete development in personality. Nehru Academy of Law, (NAL) Lakkidi, Palakkad District of Kerala beckons you to build up a better life and career.