19, Jan, 2024 International Seminar on the IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON LEGAL EDUCATION

Inauguration of Three Day International Seminar on the IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON LEGAL EDUCATION-TRENDS AND CHALLENGES: GLOBAL AND REGIONAL- HYBRID MODE.On 19th January 2024 The dignitaries Welcome Address Dr. C. Thilakanandan, Principal, NAL Presidential Address Adv. Dr. P. Krishnadas, Chairman and Managing Trustee, NGI Inaugural address :Chief guest Sri.Manoj Kumar N, State Attorney & Vice Chairman Executive Committee, BCI Keynote Address :Guest of Honor Prof. Dr. P. M. Vasudev Faculty of Law, Common Law Section University of Ottawa, Canada Special Address Dr.P.KrishnaKumar CEO & Secretary,NGI Dr.H.N. Nagaraja Executive Director Academic & Administration,NGI Felicitation Address Dr. P. D. Sebastian, Director ,NAL Dr. K. Radhakrishnan Academic Advisor ,NGI Vote of Thanks Ms. Karuna K.M Assistant Professor, NAL The seminar aimed at exploring the global and regional implications of globalization on legal education, fostering insightful discussions among legal luminaries, scholars, and practitioners.

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