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BBA LL.B (Hons) (5 Years )

(3 Year)

B.Com LL.B (HONS) (5 Years )

(3 Year)

Nehru Academy of Law offers three courses such as five years B.B.A, LL.B.(HONS) Program , B.COM LL.B (HONS) and three years program. The five year program consists of 20 compulsory courses in business management, 26 compulsory and 14 elective courses in law, 6 of the elective courses shall be chosen and offered by Nehru Academy of Law form among the general elective course; by complying with the Bar Council Rules of Legal Education 2008. The other elective courses shall be chosen either wholly from a particular group or from various groups shown as special elective groups via; Constitutional Law, Business Law, Law and Agriculture, Intellectual Property Law and such other groups introduced by the university/Bar Council from time to time depending upon the availability of infrastructural facilities. I addition to the above said animal Laws of India also included as one of the optional paper as per the directions of Bar Council of India. After the successful completion of the course students are awarded an Honors Degree specifically mentioning the group.

Three year course - Nehru Academy of Law offers them second course as the Unitary Degree Course in Law extending for a period of 3 years with 6 semesters including practical training with at least 90 instructional days and with 450 hours of instruction in a semester. The program comprises 36 courses.

Course Structure and Duration

The BBA, LLB (HONS) and B.COM LLB (HONS) courses offered are double degree integrated programme spread over five years duration consisting of ten semesters. Each semester shall consist of 90 instructional days having six hours per day including lectures, seminars, moot court, debates and test papers. There shall be not less than five hours per subject in a week and one/two hours for other additional papers, optional papers Practical Training, moot courts, seminars & debates and Library.

The LL.B. degree course shall extend to the period of 3 academic years consisting of 6 semesters. Candidates seeking admission to be First Semester of the LL.B. Course shall have passed any examination of the University of Calicut or of any other University recognized by the Calicut University.

Number of Seats

The maximum number of students to be admitted to each course shall be limited to sixty, out of which 50% seats shall filled form Kerala State entrance test and remaining 50% seats shall be filled as per institutional norms based on merit, i.e. based on the marks obtained in the qualifying examination.


A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary or Plus Two examination recognized by the Government of Kerala or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto by the University of Kerala and has secured not less than 45 % of the marks in the aggregate in such examinations shall be eligible to be considered for admission. For SC and ST candidates, the minimum mark required shall be 40 % in the aggregate.

Eligibility Certificate

Candidates who have passed the qualifying Higher Secondary Examination from any State other than the State of Kerala shall produce the equivalency certificate of the Calicut University at the time of admission.


No student shall be eligible to appear for the end semester university examinations unless the principal has certified that the candidate has attended not less than 70 % of the lectures in each paper with regards to 5 year courses and 75 % of the lectures in each paper with regards to 3 year courses ,their conduct and progress have been satisfactory.

Examination rules

There shall be a University Examination at the end of each semester. Each written paper carrying 100 Marks is divided into 75% marks for the written examination and 25% Marks for the internal assessment. And internal assessment shall be made on the basis of the overall performance during the semester such as regularity of attendance, preparation and presentation of assignments test paper scoring and class room participation. The performance in the practical training papers shall me assessed internally by a team 3 senior faculty members A candidate who ids registered and is entitled to be presented for the examination in a semester shall alone be eligible to peruse the studies for the semester of the course

There shall be Viva Voce at the end of 10th semester examination which may cover all the law courses taught for the whole program. The viva board shall consist of the chairman and two examiners form the law faculty each with a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience, and at least one of whom shall be an external examiner. The viva Voce based on the management project shall also be conducted by the university at the end of 8th semester. A candidate admitted for this course shall complete the program with in the period of 8 years from the date of admissions


Each student shall have completed a minimum of 20 weeks internship during the entire period of legal studies with NGOs, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory Authorities, Legislative Bodies, Bank, Stock Exchanges, Law firms, Companies, Local Self Government and such other bodies. Provided that internship in any particular year should not exceed a continuous period of more than four week and all students shall undergo internship at least once during the entire period of studies with trial and appellate advocates. Each student shall keep an internship diary which shall be certified and evaluated by the person or authority with whom the student has interned and the same shall be submitted to the Faculty in charge for his evaluation. Viva-voce examination in the tenth semester shall be conducted by the board of examiners constituted by the university.

Minimum Pass Percentage and Classification

A candidate who secures not less than 40 % marks in the internal and external examinations separately and also an aggregate of 50 % of the total marks for the paper shall be declared to have passed the examination in that paper A candidate who passes in all the papers and secures 50 % of or more of the aggregate marks for all the 10 semesters but less than 60 % shall be declared to have passed the whole examination in second class Successful candidates with 60% of marks and above in aggregate for the all 10 semesters shall be declared to have passed the whole examination in first class Successful candidates with 75 % of marks or above in the aggregate for all the 10 semesters shall be declared to have passed the examination with distinction provided he/she passes all the examinations with in the period of whole programme. Ranking shall be done on the basis of marks obtained by the candidate in the whole examination passed in the first chance