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The impact of globalization on economic growth, industrial relations, social relationships, art, literature, human rights, scientific and technological progress is unaccountable and tremendous. Its influence on international structures, governance and the legal systems of individual nations is enormous, often posing challenges in all fields of law. The globalization of law has resulted in a tremendous increase in international and regional regulations, global litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and cross-border legal dialogue. Whether to serve multinational enterprises or to control and regulate their activity, law firms, national and international organizations alike, are in growing need of lawyers who understand the complexities of globalization and law. At this stage of globalization and liberalization, it is likely to get further momentum as more and more lawyers are required to handle cases airing out of international trade besides the growing importance of WTO.

Sir Ivor Jennings termed the Indian Constitution ‘a lawyer’s paradise’. India seems to develop a litigious culture and recent research shows that a litigious culture does not hamper economic growth. With an increase in litigation rates there are numerous opportunities for one completing LL.B. Apart from independent practice, LL.B graduates can be placed as Attorney Generals, Judges, and Public Prosecutors. They can find opportunities as Legal Secretaries in Assemblies, Tax Consultant, Labour Consultant, Notaries, and Oath Commissioners. LL.B graduates are also posted as commissioned officers in the legal branches of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. They conduct courts of enquiry and court martial of erring service personal as per law.

When you step into Nehru Academy of law you become part of an institution that believes legal studies are the means to an end. For here, imparting knowledge, practicing the acquired knowledge, developing the required skills and creating a sense of purpose are considered equally important. Whatever be the branch of law that interests you, at Nehru Academy of Law you will gain a foundation that will frame you into a complete professional. It will help you in nurturing of values and ideals which in turn enable you to play a positive role in creating a better world. Whether it’s the corridor of corporate houses, field of environmental law, consumer law, pursuit of social justice or protection of human rights, Nehru Academy of Law is the right place. The LL.B programs (B.B.A., LL.B Honors and LL.B) offered by Nehru Academy of Law are focused on creating profession ready professionals. Advanced teaching methodologies, innovative and updated curricula and the focus on ‘job exposure’ through well supervised Internship and live exposure to ‘Law in action’ gives students an edge to be readily deployable in their chosen field.

Are you thinking of a career in law? Kick start your career with the best institution of excellence – Nehru Academy of Law.

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