B.A. LL.M Ph.d

The law is an ongoing process in society that reaches deeply into our public and private lives. Through a variety of disciplinary modes of inquiry and analysis a law student investigates law as an idea and as a set of institutions. By considering laws relationship to other political, economic and social institutions, students come to understand legal decision making and how law functions. Law students shall use law .as a lens through which we can better understand a range of societal phenomena such as political movements, discriminatory practice and social identities.

If law is a process, justice is an outcome a universally desirable outcome that concerns rightness and fairness. What is the relationship, if any, between what is legal and what is just? How the different societies and individuals attain justice and eliminate injustice. What are the individual and societal Implications of pursuing economic justice, political justice, societal justice, environmental justice and so on.

Learning is an internal process, it happens when your mind is actively engaged with an idea, thought or activity , when you are grappling with making sense of something dr trying to understand. The hidden meaning of law.

There are many opportunities after completing LL.B. Apart from independent Practice, LL.B, graduates can be placed an Attorney General. Judges, Public prosecutor, etc. They can find opportunities as Tax Consultant,Labour consultant , Notaries and Oath commissioners as aLso legal secretaries in Assemblies. LL.B graduate are also remitted as commissioned officers in the legal braches of the Indian Army. Navy and Air Force; They conduct courts of enquiry and court martial of erring service personaLas per law.

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