Silpa R BBA LL.B (Batch 2015)

Our college has provided us a very enhanced and efficient platform for the exposure of ability and creativity. I am very grateful to the college for making us Independent and stronger. And also thank our teachers for their unconditional support for our success.


I have always dreamt of having a blithe college life and yes now my dream has become a reality. Every little talent at NAL is well emboldened by the Faculty and administration. Academic excellence is the driving force of NAL as they provide state of the art facilities for an interactive learning experience. The wholesome environment and salubrious climate is truly something to gladden.


Law college?! Yes. A place that made me law abiding .Having such a supportive class is like being showered by pixie dust. The college also places a lot of emphasis on student life and the 4 years I spent here have been fantastic. Studies became interesting with such fairy faculties.


Nehru Academy of Law is the gateway to self-discovery, through tonnes of knowledge and experience. The faculty constantly pushes you to conquer your frailty. And as a student the exposure is not limited to academics alone rather fests, arts, sports and moot events are encouraged. The whole experience, hence, is a roller coaster ride of learnings and discoveries

Vismaya Venugopal BBA LL.B (Batch 2016)

Being a part of NAL is an honour in itself. It has the Best-in-class infrastructure. A place which helps me explore my passion with great support of the highly qualified and friendly faculty team. “Moulding true citizens” is just not a slogan, it is a reality.

ANUPRIYA . E BBA LL.B (Batch 2016)

NAL has provided me a platform to realise my potential and to make the best use of it. All of my Professors and Faculties are outstanding and are giving me the best guidance as possible. I am proud and overwhelmed for what I am today and for being a student of this illustrious institution. Last but not the least a special mention is required for the world class infrastructure abed lush green campus provided to us by the management.

Sreelakshmi V Warrier BBA LL.B (Batch 2017)

I feel so delighted to be a part of Nehru Academy of Law which helped us in moulding our personality and righteousness. We were provided with the best faculty to make our future a better one. I really appreciate the efforts taken by our faculty in grooming us into professionals. Joining this institution was like securing our future in the right hands.

Haripriya M Pisharody BBA LL.B (Batch 2017)

NAL had done splendid work to mould me as a good student and a better person. For me it was a great opportunity to be a part of this prestigious institution. And with the help of the extremely qualified faculties and the best infrastructure I was able to excel my talents. It was the best decision to pursue this institution for my studies.

Adarsh S Menon BBA LL.B (Batch 2017)

Moulding true citizen is the motto for Nehru Group of institution and they do live up to their words. Here at Nehru we are moulded to our true selves. Nehru provides with the latest technology to its students thus making innovation a part of its curriculum. Nehru colleges are the flag bearers for the modern education system where one's overall development is the prime goal.

Nandan Suresh BBA LL.B (Batch 2018)

My college, Nehru Academy of Law is really incredible. It has excellent teaching faculty, library etc... The infrastructure facilities are fine, no doubt at all. Good atmosphere to participate in extracurricular activities. There is a good relationship between junior and senior. The teacher and management are really supportive.

Ambili Haris LL.B (Batch 2018)

"Nehru Academy of Law is a great place to be. Being a part of this institution is a honour in itself. Giving an opportunity for a women like me to study in this prestigious institution has set a right example in the society were women empowerment is given much importance in its true sense. I am thankful to the management and staffs of Nehru Academy of Law for giving me a chance to pursuit my dream for Law".

Miral K Joy LL.B (Batch 2018)

Nehru Academy of Law is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore and many such activities. Studying @ NAL brought an added value to my life. My life @ NAL made me stronger and helped me for being an independent women. I thank NAL faculties for putting in all the efforts to groom us as a professional lawyers".

Sudheesh S kumar LL.B (Batch 2018)

“The institution gives me an opportunity to catch my dream as a lawyer. my life at Nehru academy of law was awesome because of my loving friends and dear teachers"

Leeja Grace Isac LL.B (Batch 2018)

"The Nehru campus always makes positive through its natural environment. the faculties of the institution promote my talents and help me to become a budding lawyer"

Soniya Albert LL.B (Batch 2019)

Ardent support of teachers which channelize students to concentrate on the right track to achieve success helped me, a clueless LLB aspirant, to buckle up. Academic strategies incorporating practical applications imparted experience. Exposure to intercollegiate and intra collegiate competitions, elite lectures of voracious law experts are doing good to boost our knowledge beyond the little world we know. Extracurricular activities builds healthy competitive spirit and rapport around.

Ambili.v.k LL.B (Batch 2019)

I really feel the greatest feature of the Nehru College is the teachers and management of the Nehru group. They ought to make great impact on the student’s life in both academic as well as extra circular activities. The extra circular activities at the Nehru College is great for improving the student’s social life. They strive to provide refreshing moments to the students along with academics, also there is no compromise in the academics as well. The Nehru group strives to make their students great asset to the nation and responsible citizens.

Shyju PV LL.B (Batch 2019)

1Education is meant for enlightenment. Nehru Academy of Law is a icon filled with positive energy and exuberance in the field of law education. The college provides immense opportunity to unleash our inner potential and helps to discover ourself.The faculties always impart the remarkable service for our learning process. It is indeed a great opportunity to study in NAL.